Boat shoes care instructions
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Maintaining boat shoes

Maintaining your shoes meticulously allow for keeping them longer !

1. Clean
Apply ECO CLEAN to all types of leather. Formulated without gas and solvent, its special pump creates a light and effective foam against dirt. It is an ecological product with a pleasant odor and respects the material. Then, rinse lightly with clear water and let dry in the open air far from a heat source.

2. Nourish
It is important to know the type of leather of your pair. It can be a full grain leather, a nubuck leather or a fat leather. For each type of leather, a particular care is applied. For full grain leather, use FAMA ECO wax. For fat leather, use ECO WAX cream wax, it softens, renovates and protects your pair of boat.

3. Protect
It is essential to waterproof your pair of boats for the first use and then every 10 uses of your shoes. Indeed, leather does not appreciate water, so it must be protected. Once washed and nourished, you must waterproof your pair of boat shoes with ECO PROT. This step allows to protect your boat shoes durably against water and stains.

4. Embellish
To make them shine and look like new, rub them gently with a soft cloth or a sticker.