French brand of footwear and clothing since 1978

Discover the new collection Fall Winter 2019 for Women

With tbs this winter, each day becomes an experience.
This winter, let's experiment and walk around until we find the right emotion...
let's exchange and mix up our colours! Better yet,
let's connect and nurture these experiences.

Rediscover the city. Plants abound. The collection SUPER NATURE
takes you on a poetic journey, where silhouettes overlap & catch the eye.
Soft or striking colours, mixed materials, blurred effects, surrealist prints:
all make us think twice.Make way for Plant Fiction

At the water's edge is revealed the Melting Dock collection,
a collection offering cultural experiences. Mixed fabrics, structural effects,
Memphis Art style, one's wardrobe is enhanced  and enriched by this Ethno-pop life,
at the heart of which reigns joy, sharing, and bursts of laughter.

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